Service Status

System Status

Status as of 07-16-2024 03:06:04 PM UTC. Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and uptime of our products and services. If you're a customer, please bookmark this page and check back if you experience a service disruption.

System/Service Status

ApolloEMS Automatic Updates
ApolloEMS Core
ApolloEMS Crisis Response & Alert
ApolloEMS Digital Locker System
ApolloEMS Replication Service
Email Notification System
Offsite Backup Hosting Cluster
Payment Gateway (ACH Processing)
Payment Gateway (Credit Card Processing)
gssNotify Email System
gssNotify Push Notification System
gssNotify Text Message (SMS) System
gssNotify Voice Notification System

Cellular/Telecom System/Service Status

AT&T - United States
T-Mobile - United States
Verizon - United States
Globe - Philippines
Smart - Philippines

API Status

ApolloEMS Data API
ApolloEMS DepEd Interconnect API
ApolloEMS Module API
Payment Gateway API
gssNotify API

Data Center Online Status

Lake Forest, CA, USA
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Makati, Manila, PH

Maintenance Policy