Notification and Alert SystemKeep your Students, Parents, and Teachers Informed.

gssNotify is an easy way to keep the students, staff, and parents updated with relivant information to each subscriber. Notifications can very based on the information available for each school or school district. Account balance, student attendance, upcoming events, test reminders, safety information, critical events, these are all some example uses of this system.

Notification Options

End Users (Students, Parents, Staff, etc) can decide on what type of notifications or alerts they receive and how. Notifications or alerts can be delivered via Text Message (SMS), Email, App Notification (smartphone app must be installed on the end users mobile device), or voice message. Each notification option is configurable by the school or school district based on the availability of services.

The end user can decide what notifications they want to receive. For example, Parent 1 only wants to receive text messages when their child is late or absent for class; Partent 2 wants daily attendance information emailed and text message notifications when thier child's school account balance falls below $5.00; Student 1 wants to receive text message reminders of exams for math class and text message reminders of all home basketball games.

Open API

gssNotify proudly makes an API available for all software and data providers working with your school or school district. Our API makes it easy for any of your providers to utilize our notification system, using industry standard JSON-based REST API. gssNotify also provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for providers who would prefer to send notifications using this method.

SDK's are currently available in the following languages: VB.NET, C#, PHP, and Python.

Cellular Providers

We have contracted with some of the leading providers of celluar networks. To ensure reliability in the delivery of text message or voice message notifications we have Service Level Agreements with the following Providers:

United State: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
Philippines: Globe, and Smart