Global School Solutions

Global School Solutions has taken on the challenge of becoming the world’s first globally available and integrated school software solution. Every country has a unique challenge when it comes to their individual laws and regulations regarding the school, the students, the staff, and the overall education requirements. Our teams have carefully analyzed each of these aspects with every country we are available in, and are also analyzing these in the countries we are not in. We work together with local regulators and government bodies to enhance and update our applications to make them available throughout the world.

Creating Modern Solutions for a Modern World

Creating a global solution to education applications requires a modern approach in a sector that is far from modern. Governments are usually slow with implementing new technologies, and why blame them? It's expensive to update your technology every year, every other year, or every 3 years when technology changes. We are confident we have solved a major part of that problem. Our software solutions don't require hefty and highly specific computers to run on, or expensive servers either. In fact, when using our cloud-connected options, there are no servers required at all. We design all of our solutions to be little to no maintenance for our clients, and compatible on every device including your smartphone.